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Current Meta: Top Super Rares

Post by Demon_Jinchuriki on Wed Jun 03, 2009 8:29 pm

Hello I'm Demon_Jinchuriki, a Moderator at this site. This thread shows the top Super Rares. Each card will include its name, a review, what deck it fits in best, and combos with the card. If you have any questions, comments, or would like me to add anything to this thread about this thread, pm me.


1st - Sasuke Uchiha [Cold Headed] N-548
Review: With amazing stats on turn 4, growth and a great effect, this ninja is a must in basically any deck. Its effect can't even be chained, which is one of the reasons this card is terrific. Also, you can target any ninja on the field. Plus, it has dual Combat Attributes, and both of them are pretty good. 2 of this card in any deck is the way to go.
Deck Type: Can go in any deck, but works well with water, Genjutsu, and could even play it in a fire deck over the other Sasuke's.
Combos: Since its effect happens when its send out to battle, you can combo this with Ino Yamanaka [Get Well Soon Gift] N-553 to heal your injured ninja.

2nd - Kankuro [Tactician] N-461
Review: A free tutor is always helpful. You can even search for Salamander [Lifeless Warrior] N-486 that has 4 support healthy and injured. It has nice stats itself, with 3/3 healthy. That's like getting +7 team power for just playing a ninja! Also, Kankuro's Jonin stat on turn 3 makes it the lowest turn Jonin in the game. I would play 2 of Kankuro in about any deck, but in puppets, you should play 2-3.
Deck Type: Can easily fit and be splashed in any deck, but in puppets, this card is deadly.
Combos: Kankuro is a combo in itself, but combined with any [Lifeless Warrior] Puppet ninja, you can make teams of 5 ninjas in no time.

3rd - Sasori [The Best Toy] N-542
Review: When I see this card, I just become speechless. It's one of the most overall well-rounded cards in the game. With 3 Mental Power, Ambush, and Puppet Master, this card can be used with many other cards, most even on the same element. Has a good 3 support for healthy and injured for a turn 5 ninja. Also, with its "Manipulation" Combat Attribute, it can go well with any [Lifeless Warrior] Puppet card. It even has a beast picture. Playing 2 of this card is the way to go.
Deck Type: Goes terrific in a puppets deck, but in Mono-Wind deck Sasori would be good, too.
Combos: Sasori has so many combos I can't even count. Using its effect, you can bring back Kankuro [Tactician] N-461, Shino Aburame [Insect Warriors] N-511, or Temari [Wind Scythe] N-us025 to abuse their effects. Their all wind, too. Also, using his ambush characteristic, you can pay Sasori as hand cost for missions and ninjas.

4th - Itachi Uchiha [Goal] N-453
Review: Because most other Itachi's are turn 6, this one rules them out. Plus, it has the amazing effect of if you plan right; your team could win the showdown even if before their team was higher than yours. It has 3 support healthy and injured, along with the "Genjutsu" Combat Attribute. Plus, it has the Jonin, Ambush, and the Sharingan Eye characteristics. In fire, you should always play 2 of this card.
Deck Type: Mono-Fire, or Fire/X.
Combos: Itachi doesn't really have any combos, but if its combined with Mangekyo Sharingan J-459 or 8 Trigram Divination Seal Spell Formula J-006, you can remove several ninjas from their team. Also, if you use Sakura [Cure] N-467 after Itachi has used Mangekyo Sharingan, he wouldn't have the -2/-2 coin on him anymore.

5th - Naruto Uzumaki (Tailed Beast Mode) [Tailed Beast Form] N-522
Review: This card is amazing yet has a few drawbacks. It can't be touched by your opponent's effects, but must be sent out to battle. With its 6 combat healthy and 8 combat injured, it's not like you need to worry if it's sent out or not. In addition, after it's sent out to battle, both players discard all of their in play ninja's with an entrance cost of 1 or less. But, you can easily use this to your advantage. Another plus side to the Tailed Beast Naruto is that he doesn't count towards your 3 Naruto Uzumaki's, but has "Name: Naruto Uzumaki". That means it can still use the many types of Rasengan's he has.
Deck Type: Mono-Lightning, Lightning/X
Combos: Using cards like Ninja Academy M-020 and Leaf Squad Organized! M-us030, you can abuse his "Genin" characteristic to get him out earlier.

6th - Deidara [Plastic Arts] N-480
Review: You can do so much damage with this Deidara. For free, you can place a "Bomb" coin on one of your opponent's ninja once per your turn. If you time it right and protect your Deidara, you can place a "Bomb" coin on each ninja then for 2 chakra BAAANG!!! 1 damage to every one of your opponent's ninjas. With Jonin status, high combat, and all the jutsus this guy can use, he is an important ninja to keep on your field. You should always play 2 of him in your deck.
Deck Type: Mono-Earth, Earth/X
Combos: Just stack up "Bomb" coins on your opponent's ninjas then you the deadly Detonating Clay "Signature Technique" J-406 jutsu to wipe them all out!

7th - Neji Hyuga [Seeing Through The Wall] N-560
Review: For 1 Chakra each turn, you can control what your opponent draws and mill at the same time! Plus, Earth decks can keep up a steady flow of Chakra. It has 5 mighty Combat for Healthy and Injured for a turn 4, with its growth characteristic. He's a Jonin, too. Even when playing one of this card, (usually should play 1, at most 2), you can get it with Long Awaited Reinforcements M-411 and mess up your opponent's hand control!
Deck Type: Any deck can play it, and it works out with it. But, Neji is on element with Mono-Earth, Byakugan, and Earth/X.
Combos: For ultimate control, combine this with Hiashi Hyuga [The Head Of The Clan] N-518 to have complete hand control!

8th - Mangekyo Sharingan J-459
Review: A newer card that is now on of the key Jutsus in a Fire deck. But, some people argue what to play more, this or Lightning Blade J-us066. Well, this is more reliable, because both Kakashi Hatake and Itachi Uchiha can use this, and it negates the effect first for those cards that have effects of "this card can be removed from play by your opponent's effects.". Also, it doesn't give just damage it removes the Ninja from play, countering cards like Emina C-035 and Ghost Panic M-us093. I would play 2 of this in Fire.
Deck Type: Almost always in Mono-Fire and Fire/X
Combos: The downside of this card is that it puts on a coin that gives -2/-2. But, if you use Sakura Haruno [Cure] N-467, it would be like the coin never existed...

9th - Shikamaru Nara & Temari [Strong-Arm Tactics] N-264
Review: Sice Mental is known to be with most Wind Ninjas, then this card will own your opponent with its high Mental and ability to start Mental battles. For 2 of any Chakra, you can start or end Mental battles, and thats usuful when Shika/Mari and its team has lower Mental Power. With 4 Support handy on turn 3 and its diversity of two village, ranking, and gender characteristics, Mental isn't its ownly plus side. I would play 2 of this or even 1 if you deck room is low.
Deck Type: Its a no hand cost platoon, so if fixs well in basically any deck.
Combos: With Shikaku Nara in the same team as this Ninja, you'll have a high Mental Power of 9 and you don't have to use up Chakra to start Mental battles!

10th - Sakura's Decision M-080
Review: Most decks run a Sakura, Temari, or Shizune, so why not injure one of them to draw a few cards? Plus, females and healing go hand-in-hand, so injure any Sakura (or Shikamaru Nara & Temari [Strong-Arm Tactics] N-264, that has 5 Mental), heal with Shizune [Medical Kunoichi] N-451, and draw 3 or 5 cards! With early entrance cost of 2, you can play this to have a quick start. Also, it works out well, because most females are also wind.
Deck Type: Mono-Wind, Wind/X
Combos: Combine with The Fifth Hokage [Establishment of Medicine] N-372 for free heal and 3 cards!

I will try to update this soon to add the top Commons, Uncommons, and Rares. Thank you. Very Happy

I Hold Every Jinchuriki Known To Man! So Powerful, I Can Destory The World! Any Questions? If You Do, You Can Contact Me By E-Mail At, Or PM Me At This Site. Also, Contact Me If You Have Any Questions About The Single Card Discussion, Design And Creativity, And The Hidden Cloud Village Forum, Because I Am In Charge Of Them. BTW, I am "CursedSealingDragon" on Bandai Naruto.

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