Both of My Current Decks (Knights & Shukaku)

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Both of My Current Decks (Knights & Shukaku)

Post by Demon_Jinchuriki on Mon Jun 22, 2009 2:44 pm

Hey darkmarada if you could lock or delete my old Shukaku deck that would be great. Also, here is my other deck I currently play with, my Knight Deck. By the way, these are not updated with the Rouge List, so do not suggestion that I change it to the Rouge List way.

Knight Deck

Ninja: 30

0 Drops: 11
3x Choji (SotP)
3x Sasuke (---)
3x Shino (IW)
2x Ino (Get Well)

1 Drops: 6
3x Shika (usF)
3x Haido (Fake Utopia)

2 Drops: 3
2x Haido (Transformed)
1x Ino (Stranger?)

3 Drops: 4
2x Kamira (Transformation)
2x Ranke (Transformation)

4 Drops: 4
2x Karenbana (Decieving Flower)
2x Shikaku Nara (AAF)

5 Drops: 2
2x Deidara (PA)

Clients: 3
3x Takamaru

Jutsu: 6
3x Disguise Jutsu
3x Power of Gelel

Mission: 11
3x Caged Bird
3x Debt
3x LAR
2x BBQ
Shukaku Deck

Ninja: 29

0 Drops: 10
3x Sakura (ADP)
3x Shino (IW)
2x Kiba (MBC)
2x Sasuke (---)

1 Drops: 6
3x Shika (Flex)
2x Temari (WS)
1x Akamaru (P)

2 Drops: 4
3x Gaara (Conversation)
1x Hisame (Smartest Ninja)

3 Drops: 3
2x Kankuro (Tact)
1x Salamander (LW)

4 Drops: 1
1x Shizune (MK)

5 Drops: 2
2x Sasori (The Best Toy)

8 Drops: 3
3x Shukaku (FM)

Platoons: 2
2x ShikaTemari

Jutsu: 10
3x Playing Possum Jutsu (ANC)
3x Wind Style: Air Bullets (ER)
2x Sand Cocoon (R&R)
2x Sand Coffin (ANC)

Mission: 9
3x Sakura's Decision (Coils)
3x Substitute (FR)
3x The 9th Match (Quest)

Squad Deck: 2
1x KibaShino
1x KibaMaru

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- Demon_Jinchuriki

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Re: Both of My Current Decks (Knights & Shukaku)

Post by oopats on Thu Jul 02, 2009 10:25 am

These decks seem oddly familiar......
i kinda wanna play against the shukaku deck this saturday since i didn't get to go last week.
they both seem pretty good though. i still don't like the Takamaru in your deck. if it fits you then that's great but it really didn't help all that much for me. oh maybe you could use it with the that new chunin ino that was previewed on bandai....... if u hit something u can't grab u can always takamaru into it..........
btw love the ANC sand coffin
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