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Post by oopats on Mon Jul 06, 2009 5:37 pm

It's been a litttle while since my dad and i have updated his deck, which was when the previous rouge list was introduced.His early game is a little slow but it's not a bad deck. Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Turn 0
X3 naruto (lftfh)
X3 kiba (mbc)
X2 choji (sotp)
X1 akamaru (rp)
X1 sakura (adp)

Turn 1
X2 temari (ws)
X3 shikamaru (formation)
X1 Akamaru (P)

Turn 2
Turn 3
X2 genma (eb) [draws a card]
X1 sasuke (coote)

Turn 4
X1 sasuke (oc)
X1 sasuke (ch)
X1 Fugaku
X2 Mikoto

Turn 5
X1 itachi (g)
X1 kakashi (es)
X1 kakashi (dotm)

Turn 6
X1 Itachi (ra)
X1 3rd hokage (gotv) super

Chidori (give a damage to standby)
chidori (draw 1)
chidori (win a br)
X2 Fire style fireball (new version)
X2 trigram
X3 Sharingan eye (path)
X2 Dragon flame (special jonin or higher)

X2 Final valley (new version)
X1 drifting
X1 symbol of the clan
X1 shadow in the moonlight
X3 suprise

X1 emina

X1 kiba/shino
X1 kiba/akamaru

I want to put in shino(iw) and shizune (mk) but i don't know what to take out......
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