Rules For Posting Custom Cards

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Rules For Posting Custom Cards Empty Rules For Posting Custom Cards

Post by Demon_Jinchuriki on Sun May 31, 2009 5:25 pm

Hello Demon_Jinchuriki here. I am a moderator at the site and Im in charge of this forum. The rules for posting cards and written cards are:

1) If post other people's cards, give them credit. Its recommended to ask them first if you can post their card(s).
2) If you use any parts to make you card(s) that other people have made, be sure to give them credit.
3) There is a limit of three custom cards per post.
4) When posting written cards, keep them organized (You can use the format below)
6) If you make a Sexy Jutsu card or anything else similar, don't make it too graphic, this is a kid-friendly site.
7) Have Fun!

Also, here is the format for written naruto cards:

Entrance Cost:
Hand Cost:
Healthy Status:
Injured Status:
Flavor Text:
Combat Attribute:

I will update this as I go. Also, I will soon put up a thread describing how to make Custom Cards, so look out for it! Thank you.

I Hold Every Jinchuriki Known To Man! So Powerful, I Can Destory The World! Any Questions? If You Do, You Can Contact Me By E-Mail At, Or PM Me At This Site. Also, Contact Me If You Have Any Questions About The Single Card Discussion, Design And Creativity, And The Hidden Cloud Village Forum, Because I Am In Charge Of Them. BTW, I am "CursedSealingDragon" on Bandai Naruto.

- Demon_Jinchuriki

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