manga episode 2: revealed!

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manga episode 2: revealed!

Post by darkmadara11 on Fri May 29, 2009 3:14 pm

as naruto and tobi talk,tobi is going to take off his mask...

removing his mask:????: now you can really see who is going to kill you.....
naruto: WHAT?! WHO ARE YOU??
?????: hmph jinchuriki..... i am MADARA UCHIHA!
tobis hair grows and his cloak is then thrown off, revealing the first hokages armor.his voice grows deeper and less foolish.
naruto: wait thats!
madara: thats right.... the first hokages armor!
naruto: that means!
madara: heh your slightly correct. i didint kill him but...... i am 300 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!
naruto: !!!!!!!
madara: and guess what?? i am the one who summoned the nine tailed fox in the first place! i am your master! heh heh hah HAH AHH HAH HAH HAH!!!
winds viciously blow from madara's hand, blowing naruto away.....
naruto: ugnnnn!!!
madara: hmmmm..... i wil finish you now,and kill you, so that PEACE NEVER COMES TO THE WORLD!!!!!
naruto is charging up a rasengan, but madara uses a fire style:
naruto: nrrr!!
as naruto flies back he forms a hand seaL, but madara uses a barrage of punches on narutO, thus slaming him into the ground.....
madara: DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!!!
as madara forms a hand seal, naruto uses a wind style: air bullet, but madara dodges it and appears next to naruto.....
madara:that kyubii i summoned time to seal it for GOOD!

next chapter: naruto is restrained.

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Re: manga episode 2: revealed!

Post by Demon_Jinchuriki on Fri May 29, 2009 3:18 pm

Wow im impressed this is very good. They should make that grand fire bullet a card Very Happy . Anyways, nice man.

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