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Looking for trades~ Empty Looking for trades~

Post by Hinata on Thu Jul 09, 2009 10:21 pm

Prompt Instruction x2
Temari [Wind Scythe] (Foil or alternate art one) x2
Sakura [A double personality] x2
Beginning of the new chronicle x3
Unfading Affection x2
Haku [Camouflage] x2
Wonderful Days x2
Futaba x2
Ino [Get well soon gift] x2
Shino [Insect Warriors]
Naruto [Legacy from the fourth hokage] x2
One morning x3
Choji [Source of the power] x2
Sasori Vanilla x2
Long Awaited Reinforcements
Shizune [Intensive Care] x2
Control of the nine-tailed x2
Attack from the blind spots x2
In the darkness x2

Neji Hyuga [Seeing Through The Wall]
Fifth Hokage [Establishment of the Medicine]

Sasuke Uchiha [Complete Opening of the Eyes] x2
Shadow Clone Jutsu J-us001
Ninja Art Mitotic Regeneration

Tayuya [Sound of the Evil Spell] Foil
Sharingan Eye PTH-007 x3
Puppet Show
Double Headed Wolf N-273 x2 (One is foil)
Buying Time x3
Anko Mitarashi [Blocking the Ambition] x2 Foil
Art is an Explosion! Foil
Extraordinary Power Foil
Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu J-212 Foil
Rock Lee [Desperate Battle]
Sasuke Uchiha [Living In the Dark World] Foil
Sasuke Uchiha [Thirst For Power] x3 Foil
Tide of the Deadly Combat x2 Foil
Baki [Cleaning Up] x2
Huge Different In Ability Foil
Substitute x2 One foil
First Chunin Exam x3 One foil
Assault Blade Foil
Perfect Defense
Zabuza Momochi [Demon of the Cloud Village] x3
Lightning Blade Single Slash
Another Way x2 Foil
Gaara of the Desert [Tragic Name] x2
Sasuke Uchiha [Flowering Ability] x3
Yugao Uzuki [Sword for Vengeance]
Demon Illusion: Death Mirage Jutsu x2
Genjutsu: Sylvan Fetters
Itachi Uchiha [The Body of the Uchiha Clan]
Five-Pronged Seal x2 Foil
Sasuke Uchiha [Analysis of Competence] x2 Platinum
Kurenai Yuhi [Expert of Genjutsu] Foil
Hayate Gekko [Detecting the Plan] x2
Four Flames Formation One foil
Orochimaru [Snake's Glare] x3
Flying Into the New Era x2
Not a Single Answer x3
Gemma Shiranui [Proctor From the Official Exam] x2
Rasengan J-255 x2
New Pervy Ninjutsu x2
Sakura Haruno [Competitive Spirit]
Sand Tomb x6. 3 gold text, 3 starter deck.
Double Sand Blade x3. 1 Foil, 2 starter deck.
Gaara of the Sand [Immense Power] x7. 3 Gold Text, 4 Starter Deck.
Kakashi Hatake [Anbu Days] Platinum x3
Haido (Transformed) x2

I have other Common, Uncommon, Rare foils. So ask for cards you're looking for in case they're not on my haves. Thank you~
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Ninja Academy Student

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Looking for trades~ Empty Re: Looking for trades~

Post by darkmadara11 on Thu Jul 09, 2009 10:35 pm

i want gaara TN but i know you can give to me.

i summond the kyubii.... i am 300 years old and i have been around since the first hokage who i fought once..... dont i just pwn?
also, im the moderator in charge of the following:
-manga discussion
-anime discussion
-the stone village forum'
-deck discussion

any questions regarding any of these forums or anything else here, pla contact me by pm or comment.
thank you!

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