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Official Mod Trade Request Thread Empty Official Mod Trade Request Thread

Post by Salamence808 on Fri Jul 03, 2009 7:48 pm

When requesting a Middleman you must provide the following-

-What the trade deal is between you and your partner
-A profile link to your partners thread
-Where the trades are going to take place
-Post here to request a Mod Trade

Q: Why should I consider doing a Mod trade?

A: Because Mod trading helps you from getting ripped off by other members.No matter how many refs the other person has, doing a Mod trade is recommended on expensive trades

Q: How does a Moderator Middleman trade work?

A: The trade is conducted in these steps

1. The trade is confirmed by you and your partner(stating that you both agree to do a Mod trade)
2. The middleman then confirms the trade after recieving both the shipping address and the trade involved
3. Both traders send out ot the middleman, and include a small fee to compensate for shipping/costs
4. Once the middleman recieves both ends and inspects them for the promised items, he/she will send them out to their destinations
5. Once you recieve please ref the Middleman and the trader you were trading with
6. The middle man then will ref both of the traders once they have both recieved respective ends

Q: How many refs do I recieve from a middle man trade?

A: You recieve 2 refs(If all was sucessful)

Person A refs Person B and the Middleman
Person B refs Person A and the Middleman
Middle man refs Person A and Person B

Q: What is a Recommended User?

A: A user that is not a Moderator that has the privilege to do Mod Trades

Q: How do I become a Recommended User?

A: You must have no Negative refs and have over 200 refs

Q: Who is allowed to do Mod Trades?

A: The only people who are allowed to do Mod Trades are Recommended Users and Moderators

Current Users doing Middleman Services

Individual Middleman Trade Rules

I'm now taking on Mod Trades as of now, please read the rules below for my fees and services,I'm based out of Tampa,Florida which is in the US.

I recommend that you use Delivery Confirmation when shipping a trade to me.

I prefer to stay in the U.S., but I can ship internationally.Shipping within all 50 states and Puerto Rico is flat rate of $4 for both trades.The $4 includes: Delivery Confirmation and a bubble envelope via First Class Shipping.If you want Priority Mail both sides need to include $7. The $7 includes the Delivery Confirmation and the bubble envelope.

International Shipping is based out of where you are located.Do not complain to me how slow the US Postal Service takes with First Class mail to other countries there is nothing I can do about that. I charge a $6 rate for basic international shipping which is just cards. If there is a bulk number of cards, prices will vary. I can send via faster methods as long as you're willing to shell out more money. Just let me know the items involved and I will quote you a price for the trade between both parties.

My Naruto Trading Thread

I'm now doing Mod Trades for members looking for a safer way to trade!


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