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The Rules and Regulations Empty The Rules and Regulations

Post by Admin on Mon May 25, 2009 12:29 pm

First off, welcome to the Naruto Zone forums.

I. General Rules
II. Penalties
III. Athorities

I. General Rules

1. Each indevidual area has spesific rules, so please be familiar with those rules aswell as these.

2. This community is made up of a different variety of users...some in their younger ages, some in their older ages. Therefore, we will ask our members to keep the language down and profanity down. Since a majority of our community is made up of the younger ages, we will not allow any hentai/pornography/explicit material what-so-ever. Posting any images of this kind will get an automatic ban from the forums.

3. Fan Fiction: if you are writing fan-fics, keep them clean and to the point. Any fan-fics found to contain sexual content, will be deleted and the member who posted it will be banned.

4. Trading Cards: Trading cards online is very, very, very risky. Therefore, this site is NOT responsible for any lost/stolen cards or any bad transactions that go on during these trades. There is another more expanded section of these rules in the trading section of the forums.

5. Spam is not allowed! Spam is a post that does not have a complete thought or is pointless or off topic.

6. This site is for Noruto related discussions only.

II. Penalties

Here at Naruto zone there are three types of penalties; warning, violation, and ban.

-Warning: A user has broken the rules and has been informed so by a moderator or an administrator. A list of all warnings is kept by the administroators.
-Violation: When a user has 4 warnings those warnings are deleted from the record and 1 violation is added. Users with a violation have limited use of there acount.
-Ban: When a user has 2 violations those violations are removed and a ban begins. There are two types of ban; temporary and perminant. A temporary ban is when a users account is temporarly restricted from accesing the forums. A perminant ban is when a users acount is permiantly forbiden from accesing the forums.

III. Athorities

There are two types of Naruto zone athorities, Moderators and administrators. Moderators watch over spesific ares on the forumes and administrators watch over the entire board.The current moderators are hokage333, Demon_Jinchuriki, Salamence, and Darkmadara11. The current administrators are Admin and Sasori-san.

-Moderators each have there own area, they have made spesific rules and have total control there, they can only be overruled by an administrator.
-Administrators have total control and can not be overruled.

Thanks you,


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